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years of Durability & Protection
Experience long-lasting protection and enhanced performance with our Ceramic Coating installation.
A paint that always Looks Freshly Waxed
Achieve a gloss far surpassing that of wax, ensuring your car maintains its shiny, pristine appearance for extended periods between washes.
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Expert car ceramic coating Installer You Can Trust

Go Detailer Go offers a durable protective layer for your car's paintwork.

This layer acts as a barrier against harmful sun rays, oxidation, bird waste, tree residue, and other outdoor pollutants.

By providing this extra layer of care, our ceramic coatings ensure your car's paint lasts longer and maintains its fresh, just-out-of-the-showroom appearance.

Our dedicated team of technicians in Houston strives to deliver ceramic coating services right at your convenience.

We focus on a smooth and quick process, so you can save your precious time and energy.

And if your paint needs a touch-up before the coating application? Don't forget to explore our paint correction offerings.

Ceramic coating installation

Our Coating Packages


  1. Light polish to remove very minor imperfections(Level 1,2,3 paint corrections available if applicable)
  2. Bumper to bumper exterior detail
  3. Hyper focused wheel detail
  4. Mecanical paint decontamination with our signature claypad
  5. Chemical decontamination with specialized iron remover
  6. Panels are prepped using a specialized grease & oil remover
  7. Final wipedown & inspection
  8. Ceramic coating installed one panel at a time

Professional GYEON Ceramic Coating

Leveraging advanced ceramic coatings, this cutting-edge technology forms a robust bond at the molecular level with your vehicle's paint. The outcome is a sturdy and luminous barrier that outperforms traditional waxes and sealants in terms of durability and gloss.

The advantages of this superior clear coat extend further, offering unmatched resistance to chemicals, ensuring dependable defense against common hazards like minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings, and damaging UV rays.

What distinguishes GYEON Nano Coating is its tailored formula designed to preserve your car's aesthetic appeal over time. Its ultra-smooth surface repels contaminants, minimizing the need and cost of frequent car maintenance. For car aficionados in Houston seeking enduring elegance and practicality, GYEON Nano Coating represents the wise choice.

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Guide to Professional Coatings


When it comes to paint protection, ceramic coatings are a cut above wax and spray-on coatings. The crosslinking feature of 9H ceramic coatings creates a strong bond with the painted surface, providing long-lasting protection against UV rays and contaminants.

This bond also repels water and environmental factors, making cleaning easier and also maintaining your car's value. In contrast, wax and spray-on coatings lay over the surface of the paint & this is what makes them a temporary protection that can be easily washed away or blasted away by the power of our infamous Houston summer days!

While they are more affordable, they don't offer the same level of durability as 9H ceramic coatings. To ensure complete and long-lasting protection, trust in us to install a 9H ceramic coating that will crosslink with your car's paint, providing peace of mind and keeping your car in top condition for years to come.


If you're considering a ceramic coating, it's important to understand that it requires careful handling and ongoing care. Automated carwashes, for example, can be damaging to a ceramic coating and may render it ineffective over time. If you frequent automated carwashes, a ceramic coating may not be the right choice for you.

That said, a ceramic coating can provide significant benefits for car owners who are willing to invest the time and effort to maintain it properly. It creates a strong bond with the painted surface, repelling water and environmental factors and making cleaning easier. which in turn  helps to maintain your car's value throughout the ownership of the vehicle.

We will provide you with proper care instructions upon vehicle pickup and will be happy to help you maintain it throughout the ownership of your vehicle.