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Keeping your car clean not only enhances its appearance but also improves its longevity. However, a quick wash at the gas station or the driveway is not enough. If you want to ensure that your car stays in top condition for years to come, you need to get it detailed at least once a week. Here's why:

The 1996 Impala SS: A Classic American Muscle Car That Demands Attention

As a car enthusiast and auto detailer, there are few vehicles that capture my attention quite like the 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS. This classic American muscle car is a true icon of its time, and its unique blend of style, performance, and nostalgia make it a favorite among collectors and car enthusiasts alike.
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The allure of your vehicle largely resides in its striking paintwork, capable of drawing admiring glances and earning praise. However, to enhance profit margins, the thickness of OEM clear coats has been reduced over time, making swirl marks and minor damage more common, thus detracting from the paint's brilliance. Paint correction emerges as the ideal remedy to revive the paint's original vibrancy without necessitating a full repaint or a visit to the body shop.

At Go Detailer Go, we utilize advanced polishing techniques and the latest dual-action polishers to meticulously eliminate scratches, swirls, and other blemishes, revealing a paint surface that glows as if brand new. After revitalizing your paint, we recommend applying a ceramic coating to protect your polished exterior for years to come.

You might wonder about the origins of these swirls and marks. Often, they result from various factors, such as the harsh brushes found at automatic car washes or suboptimal hand-washing practices. The intense UV rays in Houston can also lead to paint oxidation, reducing its reflectivity and luster.

For example, brushes in automatic car washes might hold onto debris from previous cars, risking scratches on your vehicle's paint. However, there's no need for worry! At Go Detailer Go, our unmatched proficiency enables us to restore your car's exterior to a state that rivals its initial magnificence. Consider our ceramic coatings to preserve that exquisite finish once it's been corrected.


Paint correction is a vital step in the maintenance of any car, but it's not a process to be taken lightly. Ensuring the paint's thickness is measured before starting the correction process is crucial to preserving the car's appearance. This is where the paint measurement gauge comes in, enabling professionals to customize the correction process to meet the unique needs of each car.

However, the risks of improper correction techniques are very real. The team at Go Detailer Go possess the experience, knowledge, and specialized tools needed to safely and effectively perform the correction process, delivering a flawless finish that endures.​

When you choose us for paint correction services our team will ensure your car's appearance is transformed from dull to brilliant. Trust in the expertise of the team at Go Detailer Go to bring your car's shine back to life.